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frequent asked questions

Who is picking me up at the airport?

Our transfer company will be assigned to pick all campers and their families from the airport and take them to our host hotel. Airport transfer fees are included on the price for campers. Guest arriving with the campers can be picked up at the same time for an extra fee per person. Parents of friends can purchase that when making their hotel reservation with us. It is mandatory that all the campers stay at our host facilities to participate in our camp.

What airport should I use?

Cancun International Airport , Cancun Mexico Quintana Roo

What is a medical release form?

A medical release form is a document that will allow you to participate in physical activities. This form must by be provided by a doctor and send to us immediately after your registration. Your child will be unable to participate in any sessions of our camp until a medical release is received by our Camp Medical Personnel.The form must be received a week prior to the start of camp to secure their participation.

Are there phones available at the hotel?

All phones will be accessible in their rooms for only room to room call . You must use your phone for all other calls. We recommend you contact your phone provider to as for an international plan for the week you will be in Cancun. Those charges are usually less than $20.00 USD. There is also a 24-hour staff on duty for any emergencies.

How many campers stay in a room?

We are only allowed to put one camper per bed. We usually have only rooms with two double beds, allowing two campers per room.  No one will stay alone in their rooms, we encourage parents of campers to attend the camp to stay at our dorms at a very low cost.

How are dorm roommates assigned?

When you fill out your online registration, there is a place to request a roommate. If two campers request each other and the applications are submitted more than two weeks before the camp start date, it will happen. If the roommate request is left blank, we will assign a roommate attending the camp and near the same age and if possible the same gym. If you request a roommate late, we will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee it will happen.

Do I need any cash at camp?

We encourage you to bring cash to buy fun stuff in Cancun. We also will have an ATM machine available at the hotel lobby. We also provide your parents with the option to have money in your account so you can purchase whatever you need with the credit your parents put in your account. All receipts for purchases will be provided by our organization. 

Can I visit my child while they are attending camp?

You are welcome and we encourage you to come experience Cancun with your son or daughter. We have a special package available for parents that are willing to help our camp and we will have activities available during your daughters or sons training. You can come watch any session your child is attending. If you need to remove your child for any reason, make sure their counselor is notified. 

Can I join my child for a meal?

We encourage you to participate during our meals with your child. You must have to contact us a day in advance to let us know your plans.

How do I contact my child ?

In case of emergency, you contact first the Camp Directors 24 / 7 (405-249-1113 / 405-822-7412) and we will get to your child quickly. In any other case you can contact your daughter directly on her cell phone.

Who will be in charge of my child outside practices?

Counselors act as a guardian while your child attends camp, as they are around them 24/7. They sleep in the dorm on the same floor as the campers and don’t go to bed until all campers are in their rooms and accounted for. They wake campers in the morning to make sure they have time to eat breakfast and get to their first session on time. Counselors are in the dining area while campers are dining, and present while campers are in session. Campers and our beach life guards are accompanying the campers in all their beach and pool activities. These people are not hotel people they are part of our staff. If you have questions or concerns contact the camp director immediately and they will refer to their protocol , We have train our counselors to protect your child in varies cases of emergency and on how to proceed with assistance.

In the case of an emergency at camp who is responsible for my child ?

If your child is injured during camp, they will be taken to our Medical personnel that will be available at the hotel and at all of our practices. Our medical staff will evaluate and determine what action is required. If necessary, our Camp director and Medial staff will  contact the parent/guardian and discuss procedures. We will have your insurance on file for any medical meed.

Who do I talk to if my child needs to take medication ?

During the check-in process and our first meeting, coaches or parents will bring the medications to our medical personnel with an authorization and schedule letter for admitting the medication.

Nilson Savage

Executive Director

2114 Greenbriar Circle

Ames, IA 50014

(405) 249-1113

Crystal Savage

Executive Director

2114 Greenbriar Circle

Ames, IA 50014

(405) 822-7412

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